I need a Good Make Developer to work with (on a long term basis)

Are you confident about been a Make Developer, I am looking to collaborate with any interested persons?

My name is Jephthah and I have been a make developer for over a year now, but most times I get too many projects to work on from my clients , so I am willing to work with any Make Developer that really understands how to setup almost any workflow with make.com and also has a programming background to help with using the HTTP module effectively, must also have knowledge in building custom app as I get project on custom apps to.

I will be willing to work with any interested makers who is ready to collaborate with me so we can do more projects together.

Kindly mail proof of your previous works to peculiartee01@gmail.com , I will reply and schedule a call with those interested.


Hi @Tomiwa_Adewale
I am Mohamed Jahar, an Automation Consultant, Certified Make (integromat) Expert and gold Partner of Make.

I can help in building/connecting apps, creating custom connections using Make.

Why do you hire me?

  1. I have worked with Make - solved 6000+ Technical automations/queries: See my profile
    Mohamed Jahar on LinkedIn: Gold Partner of Make | 10 comments

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Kindly mail me on peculiartee01@gmail.com we can schedule a call and discuss better