I need a new event in one calendar to be copied to another calendar at the same time

Hello, I’m new here and I need some advice.
How do I write a rule: “When a new event appears in my personal Google Calendar, copy that event to Calendar 2 as well”?
Setting up this rule in Zapier is pretty easy, but I need to set it up in Make…
What triggers should I use and how do I set them up?
I couldn’t find this anywhere in the templates, on the forum or in Google search.

Can you help me please? Thank you.

Hi Tomas
You can use this set up:

Select the calender 2 in the second module and map the details from the first module over to it. Hope this helps.

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Hi, Wayne,
Thank you for your reply - it really helped me. I actually went about it well, but needed to adjust the settings a bit… It’s working now!
Have a nice weekend,


Hello again, while using this automation I found that I still need to tweak the scenario so that when I change or delete an event in calendar 1, the copy of the event in calendar 2 is also changed or deleted.
Can this be set within this scenario by adding a rule?
Thank you in advance for your advice.

I totally missed this. Have you managed to solve the issue?

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I was just trying to do this today and am able to copy over newly created calendar events, but would also love to see how I can essentially sync them so that changes and deletions are also carried over.

I am also trying to do this very same thing and am stuck. I can get the new event created, but the deleted event is giving me trouble. Any luck?