Create and update Microsoft Calendar events from Google Calendar

New Make user here. For my first scenario, I’m attempting to sync calendar events from Google Calendar to Microsoft Calendar. Any time an event in Google Calendar is created or updated, I need to perform the same action in Microsoft Calendar. I think I’m 90% of the way there thanks to the tips in Add New or Update Event on Outlook Calendar from Google Calendar - #7 by Callinetic .

However, it seems like like my scenario has some flaws. For example, if a day has multiple events in the Google calendar it will only create the last event received. I’m not certain if I somehow need to loop/iterate through each event received from the Google Calendar Watcher. For updates, it seems like it executes many times and I end up with an event that appears to be a combination of the last two events for the day.

Here’s my scenario. I’ve disabled the update and delete options so that I can verify each piece is working.
Google Watch Events, By Created Date, Limit 20 →
Datastore, Search Records, GoogleEventID exists →
Router → New Event Filter, MSEventID doesn’t exist → MS Create Event → Datastore Add/Replace record
Router → Update Event Filter, MSEventID exists → MS Update an event
Router → Delete Event → Datastore Delete record

Google Calendar Watcher

I think I’ve made some progress. Granted, I’ve nearly burned up my ops for the month testing this. I still haven’t sorted out whether I can delete events. But hopefully, some of these tweaks will help someone else. This scenario will create new events in Microsoft Calendar that are not all-day events and update only events that have changed. I’m certainly open to ideas and optimizations.

Modified the datastore to include an updated column. This is used by the update event filter later on.

I added a filter to skip all day events as these aren’t needed for tracking and my default is mark events from Google as “busy”.

Updated my initial datastore search.

Ensured the new event filter was set correctly.

Added a filter for updated events to only update when the updated time is newer. This seems to reduce operations (if I understand how these work).

It appears I spoke too soon. For reasons unknown, the scenario stopped syncing any new events from my Google calendar to my Microsoft calendar. The bundle appears to come over, but nothing happens after the initial data store step. I don’t see errors or anything else I may be able to use to troubleshoot.