Sync Google Calendars

Hi all,
I’m looking for a 2-way sync between Google Calendars. I think it will need to be 2 work flows. This is the first one:

It works for new events, but unfortunately, doesn’t seem to work with updated events. When there’s an updated event, it returns this:

So it doesn’t even get to the Google Sheets stage.

hi @karla

Please ensure that you choose “By updated Date” in the watch event option within the watch module.

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yes, that’s what I have, but it’s not picking up the “modified” events.

Hi, I’m creating same flow too.
My scenario isn’t completed, but I share some.

Using Push notifications by Google Calendar API seems effective.
But I couldn’t make it for the purpose all in
If you use Push Notifications in, you need to maintain them regularly.

So am using Google Apps Script for Push Notifications and retrieving the changed events list. Then post the list to the webhook in the scenario.