I need help to figure out how I can finalize my automation with a form response on Plutio (Watch Notification Trigger)

Hello everyone,

I need help to figure out automation with the Watch Notification Instant trigger for Plutio.

Objective of my automation : I want to received form response from Plutio to get customer billing information. When i receive the customer billing information, the scenario will check if the person exists on Plutio contact database, if the person exists, the scenario will update the person info with the billing information on his profile.
If the person doesn’t exist, the scenario will create a new person with the new billing information.

This is the form for billing information :

The problem I have
For the Plutio Create Person Module, I have all the field required to be mapped.
See the screenshot

But for the Plutio Update Person Module, I just have the First Name and the Last Name.
See the screenshot

On Plutio we have the Update Person API, maybe I can Make an API Call for the Plutio Update Module.
See screenshot

And on the Plutio Search Module I can just search person by the first name on the Last Name, it will be more accurate to Search People by their email address.
See screenshot

Do I need to add Make API call Module for the Search Person function ?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Hello @Michaela, can you help me figure this ?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @Montrealenligne.ca

Please use the endpoint “/v1.9/people” to search contact by email ID. We have literally used Make an API Call to search person or company by email ID

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