Problem when I want to map PersonID in a field in the Get a Person Module with the app Plutio

Hello, I try to map field in a scenario when an invoice on the app Plutio the status is change to paid, an automatically email is send with Zoho Mail to the customer to thanks for his payment.

I add the Watch Invoice Module (Plutio), Get Person module (Plutio) and Send an email module (Zoho Mail)

Field of Plutio I think is an Array, do I need to create an Iterator in the scenario ?

This is my screen capture of my error :

Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

Hello, in your “Get a person” module, when you map the person ID, notice if the “Client” field from the previous module is an array/collection by hovering over the field name and reading from the popup menu.

Based on what I see in the Plutio documentation, Client should be a collection in Make.

If you can, please send a screenshot of what you see in Make when you map data in the “Get a person” module.

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Hello Simo,

You are right, Client is a collection
This is a screen recording of what I see :


Thank you for sharing - does the scenario work if you map the “ID” inside of the “Client” collection for your “Get a person” module?

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Yes, but it stop at operation 3

See screen capture :

I see A difference from Bundle 1-2 (Entity type : Person) Bundle 3 (Entity type : Company)
See screen capture :



I see - that’s because you need to use a different endpoint to retrieve companies (this one).

So, after your first module, you may add a ROUTER. Then a filter on the first route for entityType=person, followed by your current modules. And a filter on the second route for entityType=company, followed by the “Make an API call” module for retrieving the company information (see documentation linked above for details), and then again the “Send an email” Zoho Mail module.

Let us know how it goes

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Thanks, now it works!!!

See screen capture :

I just want to know, if I want an email to be sent instantly when the invoice status is paid, the good setting for schedule scenario is “On Demand” or I need to change my trigger to “Watch Notification” ?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

For instant triggers, it looks like you need to use the “Watch notifications” module based on what I see on the Make Plutio modules. Be aware that if you use this, you’ll likely need an extra step for “Get Invoice” after the trigger, because “Watch notifications” is generic.
Alternatively, you can keep “Watch invoices” and reduce the frequency of scenario runs to a minimum (every 1 minute if you’re on a paid plan in Make).

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Hello Simo,

I find myself is a Watch Notification for instant trigger.
I add Get an Invoice Module after the Watch Notification module but at the end, the instant paid invoice business name dosen’t match in the email I send.

See my screen capture :

![Image Body Title Make an Api Call for company name|690x313](upload://ubmLjbsgMVS3kQQxArbFJyEmlKL.jpeg)
![Image Company name dosent match with the instant paid bill|690x313](upload://yyt3AiK40IeHFCjZqET50osOmLb.jpeg)

The accurate business name is Montrealenligne and I have GF Signature instead.

Thanks, I appreciate! 

You would need to check that the mapping is correct and what data you get from the “Get an invoice” module.

Also, to make the trigger run instantly, you can choose “immediately as data arrives” instead of “on demand”

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I test my scenario and it’s working but with the Get an Invoice Module I just have the Client ID and the Entity Type, I don’t have the company name or the email so I can’t map the right information in the Zoho Mail Module. When I map the info with the Make an API call has the company info, the company it’s not linked with the info of the Get an Invoice Module.

Thanks for your help!

If I understand correctly, the “Get an invoice” module does not output the invoice data you need for the “Send an email” module.

If that’s correct, you may try to replace the “Get an invoice” module with “Make an API call”, and use this endpoint:{{id}}.

That’s because according to the Plutio API Documentation, the invoice data is included in the response. So, maybe using “Make an API call” fixes the issue.

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Perfect and the ID in the endpoint is the invoice ID from the module Watch Notification ?

Thanks again for your help! :slight_smile:

I try with the Make an API Call and I don’t have the client info when I want to map the data.

Do i need to contact the support or we can continue our discussion there ?


I think it’s best if you reach out to me privately or contact support directly. Then you can share the final resolution with everyone here


Hello there welcome to the community :wave:

It’s great to see that you’re making progress with the kind help of @Simo. I’m sure you’ll overcome the obstacle in no time.

I just wanted to step in and support what Simo is saying below :arrow_down:

It would be great if you could keep the community in the loop and share the final solution with us so that we can all learn from one another.

Thanks :blush:

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Hello @Simo, your solution working perfectly.

The reason why the company name in the email was not linked with the paid invoice is because we need to mark a Query string in the Make an API Call for the company.

See the screenshot

I make an email test and it’s working! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, I appreciate!

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Fantastic to see that you folks made it work! Great job to both of you :clap: :clap:

Also, a big thanks for sharing the final solution with the community. I said it above and I’ll say it again: this is super valuable and gives us all a chance to learn from what you figured out :pray:

Just FYI: I’m marking the last comment as a solution so that we keep the community space tidy and so that folks searching for similar information know where to look. :white_check_mark: