I tried everything and I cant execute trello's Watch cards moved to a list from the point I need

I am trying to acces all cards moved to a list in my trello but “choose where to start” option seems to limit me to the 100 most recent actions

I tried all options but the oldest I am able to run is from april 10

I used to have this problem when searching but upon a couple combinations from refreshing, cache cleaning, saving flow multiple times eventually I could start from the fist item

From choosing manually I can see the first item that was moved to that list but I have been trying for the past 40 min and nothing seems to work. I even tried going on a separate browser but still nothing.

Has anyone gone through the same thing and can help me start from the oldest available item?

Welcome to the Make community!

Does selecting the “All” option not work?

You could also try “Since specific date” and set a date before you created the Trello board.


As stated in the initial topic. I have tried all options, time and time again. All, “specific date”, ”all” and manually.

What I figured out was that the trigger would only fetch the 100 most recent requests.

Then you’ll just have to run the scenario multiple times until it processes all of the items.

Alternatively you can watch a new Trello list and move everything into there.