Using Webhooks with Trello

Do I have to add anything additional at Trello to use Webhooks?

I’ve got one working in Make that watches NEW cards added to a particular list (and then enters the data to a Google Sheet), but none of my others that watch for existing cards MOVED to a list are working. They’re just not picking up the new activity. I feel like I’m probably missing something I need to add on the Trello end, but I just don’t know where to put it. (I previously set up an API key for Make at Trello’s Power-Up Admin Portal.)

For example, the webhook URL that Make provides when I create the scenario… I’m assuming it has to be placed somewhere in Trello, but I’m just not sure where.

Thanks in advance for any pointers. :slight_smile:

EDITED TO ADD: I just had a new thought… I’m using some automation on my Trello board. Does it matter if the card is moved to a different list via Butler (the automation tool) instead of me manually dragging it to a list?

Hi @CheriePie,

Can you try this and see if there are any results on it? GO to your scenario, Right Click the Watch Cards Moved to a List Module, and Choose where to start from, over there select Choose Manually and see if there is any card detail over there.

If there is data, then what you can do is either run all or choose from now on and make sure to activate the scenario.

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Hi @Runcorn ,
Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, there is not a Choose where to start option when working with a webhook.

The separate scenario for this same action that I have set up with a polling trigger (and since deactivated) DOES have this option in the right click menu and works fine, but the webhook version scenario does not pick up any data.

Here’s some additional things I’ve tried today:

Like I stated in my original post, I feel like I’m missing something on the Trello side because I hadn’t found where in the Trello interface to place the outgoing webhook to Make. To that end, here’s what I just tried and the (failed) results of that:

  • Because my cards are moved from the “Requested Items” to the “To Review” list via an Card Button on the card itself, I tried editing the Card Button to add the callback URL to Make (as taken from the Show Address button in Watch Activities webhook - 2nd image in above post). It looks like this:

  • The result of this, after clicking the Received card button, is the following error:

  • Whether that’s because this is not the proper place to call this hook from, or because I’m missing some key information, I’m not entirely sure. Any documentation or videos I’ve found on the subject have either been about (a) sending data INTO Trello instead of OUT, or (b) simply documenting the API itself and not telling you where/how to send it from Trello.

  • I have a feeling I’m on the right track, but I’m still missing some key pieces of information that I haven’t been able to track down.

Can you share the Payload you are constructing as part of the webhook?

This is where I’m having trouble. The initial webhook I created with Make listening for new cards added to the Requested Items list, didn’t require any additional configuration on the Trello side. It would simply fire whenever a new card was added to that board.

Now that I want another webhook for when a card is moved from Requested Items to To Review list, I found it wasn’t triggering automatically so I’m trying different things like manually posting to the Make webhook. (My 2nd message above.)

It doesn’t like it when the payload is empty (Trello returns an error), so I created a minimal JSON for now and at least get success upon hitting the Received button (though Make still isn’t picking up that anything was sent via the webhook):

{“Board ID” : “{boardid}”, “Card ID” : “{cardidlong}”, “Card Name” : “{cardname}”}

I’ve been having a hard time finding specific examples at Trello/Atlassian about how to send data to a webhook in Make, but I did find a community post with the required syntax and variables Trello uses. However, even this isn’t getting any response from the webhook over on Make. Even if there’s not enough data there (I’ll call the Get a Card module after if I need to), I was at least expecting Make to see it come in.

That’s where I’m at right now.

I now have 2 other (instant) webhooks working from Trello to Make, but still not this one, nor the other other one that uses the Watch Activities → Card moved to list trigger.

The two that DO work do so without any additional JSON or URL needing to be sent from the Trello side. Of the two working ones, one watches for NEW cards added to a particular list (Requested Items), and the other watches for new attachments added to cards in a different list (Done). The latter being a much more complex scenario with an Iterator and filter looking for a particular attachment name, I was surprised that one worked right out of the gate.

Now back to the two that aren’t working: the one thing they have in common is that the webhook is watching a list for cards moved into that list:

Watched object: List
Board: Amazon Vine (Trello workspace)
List: To Review
Watch activities: Move Card To Board


Watched object: List
Board: Amazon Vine (Trello workspace)
List: Done
Watch activities: Move Card To Board

But let’s just focus on the first one for now to keep things simple. To test if that particular Watch Activity was suspect, I created a new webhook to watch the Before List instead and changed the Watch Activity to Move Card From Board (instead of To Board), but the scenario still isn’t picking up the trigger.

Watched object: List
Board: Amazon Vine (Trello workspace)
List: Requested Items
Watch activities: Move Card From Board

If I look at the logs of the webhooks themselves, I see data received on them, it’s just not being passed into the scenario.

The one thing that the 2 non-working webhook-based scenarios have in common is that they’re watching a LIST for items moved into that list. (Or out of the previous list per my test scenario above.) Thus I can only surmise that the issue lies somewhere within these 2 particular Watch Activities (Move Card To/From List), especially since running this same scenario via a polling trigger instead works perfectly fine.

Anyone have anything for me here? @Runcorn ?

If not, I guess I should submit a support ticket?

I finally got my webhook to work!!!

The problem was in the activity it was watching. I had to switch it from “Move Card To Board” to “Update Card”. From there, since there’s not a specific watch activity I could find for moving a card from list to list within a board, (though I’m gonna try the Update List activity next to see what that does) I placed a filter after the webhook to check the value of “translation key” (should be action_move_card_from_list_to_list), and that the “List Before” and “List After” values were different, and if it passed both those tests it was off to the races! :grin:

Name: Received Items to Review
Watched object: List
Board: Amazon Vine (Trello workspace)
List: Requested Items
Watch activities: Move Card From Board

Name: Received Items 3
Watched object: List
Board: Amazon Vine (Trello workspace)
List: Requested Items
Watch activities: Update Card

Thank you for allowing me to work through all my troubleshooting out here in the community. I hope all my brain dumps can eventually help someone else down the road. :+1:t3:

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Hello @CheriePie :wave:

I just wanted to give you a quick shoutout and say great work figuring this out! I am certain that your documented thought process will prove super helpful to others seeking similar info down the road.

Thanks so much for sharing and keep up the great work :clap:

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