I want to duplicate my Shopify store in another language

Hi, I’d like to duplicate my shopify store in another language but I don’t find how to do it on Make.

Thanks by advance for your help. :handshake: :fire:

Hi @louisaxel_g,

Not exactly sure about your needs, do you mean by duplicating your products to other stores?

Do you have any particular source through which you are currently populating the products?

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I’d like to duplicate all pages of a French store in German. Thanks for helping me.

You can do it via Make if you are interested in moving the products from one store to another.

You can simply use List Products Module and then probably use OpenAI or some other translation tools to convert the Title, Description, category from one language to another.

But, To Move the Whole Store from one website to another, I think Shopfiy native solutions or extensions might be the best way to do it.

Maybe this post will help you articulate the best approach for this,

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