Scripting problem between Shopify and Deepl


I have a problem with a scenario that includes Deepl and Shopify. I want to duplicate one of my sites in another language (from French to Danish).
When the scenario is set up, Deepl’s “Ouput” operation is not correctly integrated into the Shopify product page, only the term [Collection] is integrated. I can’t figure out why.

Is there a technical problem or is it due to my configuration? I’m a complete beginner.
I’ve put up 3 screenshots showing the processes.
Step 1 : Watch product

Step 2 : translate with Deepl

Step 3 : product page edit result

I would be extremely grateful for any help with this problem.


How is your Shopify module set up, can you provide a screenshot? Did you use the variable that should look something like this?


Translations is an array, you need to reference the first collection within it, and then the Text property.