I want to know all possible ways of making money through automation

Hello Makers,
I want to know all possible ways of making money through automation. I am a newbie in this field and knowing all the possible ways of earning through automation will help me to make the most of this trade. I will be grateful for all your cuntributions.

Hi Enahoro,

Although I cannot tell you every way , I can tell you from my personal experience of several years when I first started automation.

I took every opportunity to automate something.

I looked around my team and the daily / weekly tasks that we did. Specifically tasks which took a lot of time/manual work/ or were repetitive.

Then I started using automation tools to address these tasks that took a lot of resource from my team. Finally I presented to my team, the automation and we were able claim resource back to do more important things

The benefits:

  1. I learnt how the tool works and many of its different capabilities
  2. how to break down tasks into steps (useful for design)
  3. Saved my team alot of time
  4. Increaed my own skill set
  5. Got noticed by management

All these things were very useful when asking for more money in a raise and applying for new jobs.