I'm experiencing a problem with the way numbers are handled

I’m experiencing a problem with the way numbers are handled.

In a module I’m using a switch. In the switch one of the numbers is 310001675069818679. When I save the module. The number has changed to 310001675069818700.

Entered number:
Number after saving:

It has the same amount of digits: 18. Does this exceed the precision limit in a way?

How to handle this?
I’ve tried entering “310001675069818679”, but it’s not working.

Hi there.

What you are describing is actually a common issue with JavaScript itself. Often the best solution is to treat these large numbers as strings during the whole process. In Make, you can try using the “replace” function in a way that you first add any letter at the end of the number and then use the replace function to replace the letter with an emptystring variable. This somehow solves the issue.

Or you can try to use the “toString” function which can also work in some similar cases.