I'm in need of help getting my twitter post on all my socials

Hello make community, i hope you are having a great day today!

I have a problem that i would really appreciate if anybody can help me with, it’s an automation i have in mind and it goes like this:
I manually post a tweet on Twitter
the system detects the tweet and takes the info it has (text+images or video+ tags)
the automation reposts the same tweet on my other socials including my: Facebook page, linked in, instagram, reddit and Pinterest.

If i can make this work it would help me greatly with my socials since I don’t mind having the same post on all of them, i did a small project that i found on YouTube for linking telegram with chat gpt, if chat gpt can be added to the combination to make the text on each social media post unique it would help a lot but I’m okay with just simultaneously posting like i mentioned above so please help me out.

i apologize for the long text and i thank you so much for taking the time to read it❤️

Hi there.

If I understood your description correctly, I would say that the scenairo could look as it’s shown in the following screenshot. Note that it is just a draft and it is not personalized for your exact needs, but the logic with the routers and filtering according to post types (text, video, photo) should work in general

If you haven’t done so already, I would suggest navigating to Make’s help section and finding the documentation for each service to get the info about how to create connections to these services.

Hope this helps to set you on the right track.