Image Binary data pass to Claude

I need to pass the message via Array to Claude.

current Error:
The operation failed with an error. [400] The image was specified using the image/png media type, but does not appear to be a valid png image

blueprint (4).json (112.2 KB)

I get the Data from Airtable and loop over the images to create a Json and convert it in the last step to a Array for the request.
It need to be dynamicly, because the image count is not fix. When i map the Claude module directly with the HTTP 34, it worked without issues.

Now i need to figure out, how i can pass the images through the request.
If i dont wrap the data 54 in base64(), i can decode the image online correctly, after the wrapping its not possible.

I tried it to with base64(), toBinary(;base64), without converting

Have somebody a idea to fix this issue?


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I could not get it to work with any amount of faffing around with the JSON structure and using the Claude Create a message module. I eventually had to resort to creating parts of the JSON together and stitching it all up. This meant passing the JSON as is, and hence using the HTTP module to do an API call. While I got it to work, the answer is still a complete and utter hallucination. I don’t know if you will have better luck then me.

Blueprint (1).json (42.7 KB)

The Image I passed

And the result it gave me when i asked it to describe the image

the other time it gave me something about a fox which was staring straight at the screen.

I would recommend you use OpenAI if possible because the Make modules are more defined, and the JSON structure that OpenAI uses is… valid?