Imgur API Photo Post request was intially working, now it is now with it saying I am making too many requests (But I am not)

I’ve been using a HTTP request module, to get a dropbox photo, to be downloaded, with a link that posts to imgur, and have the final link be used as a post for reddit posts

The operation was showing as a success for the first 5 or so attempts, but now, I get told I am uploading to imgur too much, for example, it will say to wait 42 minutes, I do , but then when I try one more single time, it would say to wait for 17 minutes, then after 17 minutes to wait for another random time.

Sometimes I can do it one after the other and the time will drop 6 minutes in one minute

I waited 12 hours+ without doing a single upload and I get similar timeframes

Using postman, it works, but only using it doesn’t

My only logic I can think of is that has a shared IP and it is being rate limited for that reason, because I am not hitting the rate limits myself even 1% near

I also can’t understand the time not going down in a linear pattern

I’ve tried to phrase my question the best that I can

Le tme know if any more information is needed, thank you

Waiting 34 minutes or even hours does nothing to fix the problem

It was working yesterday/2 days ago wher eI could make 5 requests per hour no problem, but now it’s random times that change not in accordance with real time, not sure if there is shared IP thing going on in the background

I had tried anonymous and using bearer token, my bearer token has enough “credits” and I am not upload limited by my imgur account at all

Apparently, there is a limit per IP address in Imgur.

Your use of the Imgur API is also limited by the number of POST requests your IP can make across all endpoints. This limit is 1,250 POST requests per hour.

See the document here.

Since, Make performs HTTP request from handful of IP address, it might be the reason you are getting this error, which is really bad.

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The handful makes sense, as the times would change per scenario run from one jump of time to another

Is there an alternative to this?

I would be happy to pay for a private/smaller shared IP address if it was an option, but it’s unusable in it’s current state

I don’t know why anybody would jam it with requests or trust any scenario to run using imgur

Try reaching out to the Make customer support team to confirm if this is indeed an issue on make end and see if they have any guidance to get this resolved.

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