I keep running into this error when posting from Airtable to Instagram - 9, OAuthException

I only run the automation two times a day, it usually works for around 10-12 posts but then it fails with this error:

The automation finds a record in airtable, uploads the file url and caption and then updates the record in airtable to mark it as “Live”

I know there are rate limits but it can’t be so low to only allow 10-15 posts a day? Is there anyway I can check what is happening?

Welcome to the Make community!

The issue is not that you are uploading 10 posts a day, but you are uploading 10 posts per second.

Putting a sleep module with a 15 second delay would help.

For more information, see https://www.make.com/en/help/errors/429-errors


@samliew thanks for your reply, I’ll try that out :pray: I read that the instagram rate limit is 200 requests per hour, so I have calculated that to be 3.3 requests per minute. Hopefully this 20 seconds delay will help me not run into the issue


@samliew unfortunately running in to the same issue, I thought it was working as it processed around 20 posts over the last 10 hours, but now it’s throwing the same error

Let me know if you have any other ideas on what the issue may be, could the size of the images be causing issues?

Try pausing your scenario for a few days to reset the throttling on Instagram’s end, while increasing your Sleep module duration to 60 seconds.


will give that a go thanks