Error when trying to upload photo from Airtable URL to IG

Hi! I really appreciate any help with this.

I had a scenario running that would post to my IG when an airtable record’s timestamp is now or earlier, but for some reason it’s now throwing an error that I’m not providing the right photo url. This is a screenshot of the flow -

Here you can see I’ve selected the url from my airtable’s media column as the picture for posting -

This is the error message expanded -

This is the url for ‘photo url’ -

As you can see it goes to a photo (it’s the correct photo from my airtable)
I have no idea what the issue is. Any help is appreciated and please let me know if I can include any other information.

Thank you!

Welcome to the Make community!

This domain might be blocking other web servers from downloading the content, as per this warning message as seen from your screenshot:

While “” is not mentioned in this message, it seems that Instagram is also unable to download from this site. Try hosting your image elsewhere.


Thank you for the response! Do you know of a way to make airtable images accessible? I have my whole setup on airtable.