Import and search a large .xlsx file

I have a large Excel (.xlsx) file, about 35-40 MB which is downloaded from a website. Each month there is a new file. I want to download the file every month and list all the rows that meet a certain criteria.

So far I can identify and download the file but I cannot see a way to search an Excel file. I am able to search in a Google Sheets file, but I cannot see a way to automatically convert the .xlsx file to a searchable Google Sheets file. Likewise, if it were in CSV format I’d be able to do it, but again I don’t know a way to make the conversion. I have tried Eyal’s Toolbox, but it fails - I assume because of the large file size.

Does anyone have a cunning way to achieve this?

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You can convert it to a Google sheets file by uploading it to Google docs. If I remember correctly, there should be a setting hidden in the advanced options toggle that will indicate that you want it processed into a Google doc format.

This way you can use the search rows module to extract the data.

Alternatively, you can use the cloud convert module to convert to csv: