Import Google Doc into ChatGPT

I am trying to create the following flow:
Watch Google Drive folder for new document
Download document
Upload to ChatGPT
Execute a completion in chatgpt (basically transforming the content of the document into a 90 second script)
Exporting the new document back into google drive.

The problem seems to be the completion. ChatGPT is running the completion without using the uploaded document, so it’s creating a 90 second script based on its own fantasy.

Blueprint below.

blueprint (1).json (41.7 KB)

Any and all help appreciated.

According to OpenAi documentation you might need to use the Assitants API instead and use an assistant that has file search enabled.

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Yes, file retrieval is possible only with custom assistants.

For more information, see My OpenAI assistant via make don't use the existing uploaded files - #2 by samliew

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