OpenAI - Upload a file(openai) and have the next step(Create a completion - openai) to access the file

Goal: upload a pdf file(openai) and have the next step create a completion have access to that file?

Steps done so far:
Download the file (using GDrive) > feeding link to “Create a Completion” (OpenAi) :x:
Download the file (using GDrive) > Upload a file (using OpenAI) > fileId to “Create a Completion” (OpenAi) :x:

I hope anyone can help me on how to do this properly.

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I don’t think you can pass a link in the prompt to OpenAI’s models like that, since it’s not using ChatGPT/plugins.

The OpenAI “Upload a file” module is so new such that the Make documentation in the help center has not even been updated – as such it’s still a wonder if anyone has even successfully used this module yet.


Same problem here.

I used the new “Upload a File” action, that works fine. But how can I use the file within a following completion? I always get an answer like this:
“I’m sorry for any confusion, but as an AI developed by OpenAI, I don’t have the capability to access external files or documents, including invoices or orders. Therefore, I cannot read or compare the documents you’re referring to.”

My Szenario:

Output of the “Upload a File” Action:

Chat Prompt:

Completion Output:

I’m also looking for information about how to utilize the uploaded file in ChatGPT. If anyone comes across it, kindly let us know!

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The Help Docs for OpenAI has been updated.

Looks like only the OpenAI module “Message an Assistant” supports selecting a previous uploaded File ID from the “Upload a file” module.


You should create an assistant in advance via the web-based Playground. Then the modules including file upload and the corresponding use will work.

Just a non related question. How you change the module name ?

You can access additional module settings by right-clicking it.



Yep same here,
All the files I try to upload seem to be corrupted and not usable by chatgpt

I don’t understand how to upload the file
The documentation says we need to use HTTP get a file

Hey All,
I just posted the answer for the same query, You can check here from the link.


So with your method, you say that it’s only possible to upload via, so the module UPLOAD in is completely useless ???!!!
The main idea is, for sure, to automate the file upload directly in MAKE.COM not via OpenAI platform… :wink:

Yes you can upload the file directly in Make in Upload a File Module of Open AI
Bu you have to make an Assistant for this and use Message an Assistant Module then put fileId in this module mapped from last module Upload a File

What I understand : I can only use a file uploaded in the platform.openai via an assistant (and call after in MAKE interface). This is not what I want.
What I want : to create a PDF file directly in MAKE (for example) and to use it without uploading it or whatever on another platform…

You can’t do it without uploading the file.

If you want to do this then first extract data from pdf by using Google Cloud Vision then use that data for Chatgpt completion

Is there a way to upload to openai GPTs that have been built or is it only uploading to an assistant that is available with Make ?

Upload to an assistant only

OK thanks, looking at the upload file module it doesnt actually which assistant to uploade the file to ? so im assuming here that a post needs to be done using the openai api module to make sure the file goes to the correct assistant ?

Upload file module only uploads your file to your organization. You can see these files here.
Assistant API can not access these files for some reason and can not even list these files.
Providing file ID in prompt will not give you any desired effect.

We need OpenAI modules in to be able to attach files in our prompt, like OpenAI Analyse image module can attach images.

The only workaround for me is taking file (PDF) then convert it with module to image and then analyze image with OpenAI

I have the solution.

Remember to turn Map to fileID


You do not necessarily need the mapped document in the message.
I can do without it.
I have only linked several files at the bottom.