I cant access the uploaded file through the assistant (OpenAI) in subsequent operations

I would like to upload files (JSON) to OpenAI and use them in the assistant:

I read here that it’s only possible to make OpenAI read and access files this way, OpenAI - Upload a file(openai) and have the next step(Create a completion - openai) to access the file - #4 by Casey_Magee

It works for one operation most of the time, in the second operation I receive a response, along the line: “I cant access or read your file”

Anybody found a way to get OpenAI to acces files consistently?

It is definitely possible. I’ve created a Telegram assistant bot with GPT-4-turbo that can read uploaded files. Not only that, it can retrieve relevant previously-uploaded files to the assistant, based on keywords in the chat message (Make filter).


Here is an example of it in action:


For more information, see


That’s amazing!
Its possible to do it with gpt 3.5?

ahh yes the retrieve knowledge option, didnt have that selected :sweat_smile:


No problem, glad I could help!

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