OpenAI - Upload a file(openai) and have the next step(Create a completion - openai) to access the file

I just implemented a scenario getting answers from a PDF file via AI, but I used ChatPDF for that.
It’s super simple documentation makes it easy to chat with a PDF content.
Check their documentation: ChatPDF Backend API - extract information and chat with PDFs

They have a free account with a significant usage limit, maybe it can help you out.
Although they don’t have a module in Make you can perform all the actions needed do upload file and chat with it usign the HTTP module.

Sorry if this feels off-topic, but could help someone who’s just trying to chat to a PDF content and is not that much interested in building an Assistant.


yea exactly, it useless to have a file API if the data cannot be read / used, did they find a solution for this???

How is the process done?

I know how to use the API

But my problem is with the FILE data being uploaded, right now the file can be accessed using the link, and I am passing the link

But when the GPT is using the file, it is telling me that all it has is the link and not the content inside

How do I retrieve the file content and pass it to the GPT??

How did u upload the .pdf

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