Chat with PDF / File app


I have a chatbot that can accept files, but my main problem is with taking the LINK that contains the file

and having an Ai go through it and return an output

I have checked several softwares but all of them are super difficult to set up

I was wondering if there is a way in

to setup a flow where

  1. the API gets the file URL
  2. Passes it to an embedding model or whatever is needed to make the AI understand
  3. Have the AI respond
  4. Get back that Ai repsonse

You can use CloudConvert to convert the file into plain text, before sending that along with the prompt to AI.


but is it secure datawise?

Also, what about the images in the pdfs, I know code interpreter can understand them

No idea. You’ll need to read the external service’s documentation and help center articles to evaluate if the product is suitable for your use-case.

There are other file conversion options available as well,