OpenAI API - uploaded file is not analyzed

Hi, I am trying to create a workflow that will extract data from invoices using the OpenAI API. I successfully upload a file via the OpenAI Upload and File module, but then in the OpeanAI Create a Completion module (am I using the correct module?) I don’t get a response that is based on the data from the file, but fake data. In other words - ChatGPT responds correctly to my prompt, but with completely made up data. It successfully ignores my uploaded file and its contents. Does anyone have any experience what to do about this?

No error message is displayed.

Thanks for any help

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I think that’s not the right way to pass a file to create a chat completion.

But the only way I’ve gotten files to work is by using “Message an Assistant” module, which has a file field where you can insert file ids.

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