OpenAI's Message an Assistant Module is not recieving files

Hi everyone,

Im trying to create a data analytics workflow that can analyse a dataset

My workflow is as follows:

  • Downloads a file from a notion data table using a HTTP Get module

  • Uploads this file to OpenAI (uses “Upload a File” module)

  • The file ID generated by the “Upload a file” module is then passed into the “Message an Assistant” Module

  • This assistant analyses the data (or at least im trying to get it it do this) in this file and performs data analysis based on the assistants instructions that I have configured in the playground

My issue:

For some reason the “Message an assistant” module doesnt seem to actually have access to this file to complete its analysis.

Multiple times I have errors such as

  • Run has been ended with an invalid status “failed”. Sorry, something went wrong.

  • 404 file not found

  • Ive changed the model from ChatGPT 4o to ChatGPT 4 and this did execute the scenario fully but the output was hallucinated infomation and it didnt grab the actual data from the file

Has anybody done something like this before and can explain what I might be doing wrong?

Here is my workflow:

Here is how my “Upload a file” module is set up


Here is how my “Message an Assistant” is set up


Have you tried this tutorial yet?

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

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Thanks for sharing the link:

I’ve managed to get further than I was before using the tutorial. The only issue now is my "Message an Assistant module now has this error:


Run has been ended with an invalid status “failed”. Sorry, something went wrong.

Have you come across this before? Any help would be appreciated

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As per the private message, depends on the module, I would double check in the openAI playground thread, and also make sure no issues with your openAI API key and connection with openAI as a first check,