Upload a file to OpenAI

Hello everyone,

i created a scenario to upload a file and assign it to an assistant in order to ask some questions to the assistant Open AI.

The files are PDF from Airtable. Everything looks good when i upload the file and assign it to the assistant.

My trouble is that when i’m asking the assistant to find the information, it says “There is a problem with the file etc…”. When i’m uploading my file directly in the openai platform, everything is ok and the assistant can extract information from it.

I’m assuming that the “upload a file” modul isn’t correctly set-up. This my scenario :

Anyone have the same problem ?

Thanks !

Hi there.

I would say that the problem here is within the “File Data” field. You are mapping the file’s URL while the module needs to get the binary data of that file. So, you can try adding the HTTP - Get a File module to download the actual file first and then map its binary data into the “File Data” field. Hope this makes sense.




thank you so much for the help. This is it ! With the function “get a file”, everything works perfectly.

Thanks again !