Impossible to rename my wordpress media file

Hey everyone,

I’m working on an exciting automation project for, utilizing AI technologies like Chat GPT and DALL-E to generate dynamic blog content.

The system retrieves a keyword from our Airtable database, generates both the article title and content using Chat GPT, and creates captivating images relevant to the articles with DALL-E.

While most of the automation is running smoothly, we’ve encountered a challenge when integrating the generated images into WordPress. All the images from DALL-E have the same default name “file.png,” causing conflicts on the WordPress platform as we try to differentiate the images for each article.

We’ve attempted to modify the image name using the “update a record” function in Airtable, but unfortunately, it hasn’t reflected in WordPress.

If any of you have experience with integrating DALL-E images into WordPress or have encountered similar challenges, we would greatly appreciate your insights and suggestions to resolve this issue.

Thanks a lot !

Hi Jean-Louis

did you ever solve this?
I am running into the same problem with Midjourney->HTTP->Wordpress.


When you’re selecting the source file for upload in Wordpress, rather than selecting the HTTP Get a File module for the source file, instead you can choose to map it - this then gives you the opportunity to choose a different filename.

The Make help has a section on this exact topic.