Inconsistency between operations used and reported


I’m trying to understand why there is a huge difference in the number of operations used by a scenario between the Histograph and the History tab. This scenario is connected to a Mailhook and we use it to store emails. On Sunday we barely get any traffic on it and any that we get is usually discarded.

Despite this, the scenario Histograph claims that it used up 1516 operations and 116.2 MB of data, but when I reviewed in the History tab the ran executions for that day, I only found 16 executions that amounted to 37 operations and 834.1 KB.

Here are screenshots of it:

The Histograph:

The entire History for May 12, 2024:

I thought maybe it carried over some operations from the day before but even if I add up all operations from that Saturday it’s not even close. In fact, Saturday’s Histograph states 93 operations and 2.4 MB but the History tab shows 28 executions amounting to 295 operations and 5,271.6 KB (~5.2 MB).

So even though Sunday was less active and had less executions it counted way too many operations, while on Saturday it fell short.

Can someone explain why this inconsistency happens?
I’m worried this might be a bug on how operations are being counted and is eating up the operations we have left.
This scenario was activated on Feb 15, 2024 and so far it states it has used up 35797 operations. I’m wondering if that number of used operations is correct or inflated.

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