Inconsistent Data leads to BundleValidationError


i am trying to create google contacts from clickup tasks. i use custom fields for phone number, email and relationship fields for company and referrals … this works great IF all the fields are filled out.

if i dont fill out a few fields than they do not exist in the transmitted data from clickup. they are not “NULL” or “EMPTY” … the key:value does not exist at all.

so i always get BundleValidationError on these fields and i dont know how to handle this properly. i did activate the settings for Allow storing of Incomplete Executions to “yes” but that also did not help.

how can i simply tell make to ignore these fields or put “” whenever there is the array field missing?



To resolve your problem, please attempt using the ifempty function with either the ignore or null value. In the value field, kindly utilize the field data when using {{ifempty(“value”; ignore)}}.

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