Incrementing Airtable Value by 1

I have an Airtable where I’m storing all of my email campaign data (notably ‘emails sent’ for this question).

  1. When an emails sent, it triggers the webhook.
  2. I locate the Airtable row for that email account.
  3. I update the Airtable row’s ‘Emails Sent’ column, using the following formula:

If there’s a value present in the ‘Emails Sent’ column already, then we want to increment it by 1, otherwise, we will just output 1.

Unfortunately, the value is never incremented, and the value stays at 1 at all times.

Here’s a loom video I sent to a friend: Email Sent Tracker | Make - 4 April 2024 | Loom

Thank you!

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You need to use an if, not an ifempty function.


The reason why ifempty always returns 1, is because your variable is either empty or 1. If it is 1, is it not empty, so it will return 1 (the current variable value).