Single automation after long, multi-operation automation

Hi - I’ve built an automation where I’m sending transactional emails to many customers at one time - this part is going perfectly! Based on a linked record lookup built around an Iterator, it’ll send n+1 emails to all of the folks who should receive it using an integration with MailerSend.

My question is around a final step I’d like to take - I want to update a single Airtable record with a timestamp after the emails have sent to signal that the automation ran successfully. However, by putting this at the end of the automation as it’s currently constructed, Make updates the record n+1 times (the same number as the count of emails sent). This doesn’t feel right!

Anyone have a solution for this? The only one I’ve come up with is placing the “update record” for the timestamp earlier in the automation (before the list of names/emails gets generated), but if there’s an error down-funnel, that’d represent a false positive. I want to put it at the end of the automation, ideally, after the emails have successfully fired off.

My gut is that there’s something with Flow Control, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Anyone solve this before?

Here’s a suggested approach:
Before the email sending process begins, create a variable (let’s call it “updateTimestamp”) with a default value of false.
Inside the loop of the Iterator module, where you send emails to each customer, add a conditional check. If the current iteration is the last one (indicating that all emails have been sent), set the “updateTimestamp” variable to true.
After the loop of the Iterator module, add a condition using the “If” module. Check if the “updateTimestamp” variable is true.
If the condition is true, proceed to update the desired Airtable record with the timestamp using the “Update a Record” module.
If you have further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to ask! Expert Suggestion

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For this, Simply use the Bundle Order Position and Total Number of Bundle as part of the filter before the last Airtable Update/Insert Record Module.

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