Insert multiple Rows into Google Sheets

Hi Everyone,

I do have some Scenarios where I would like to insert 50-100 rows into Google Sheets. Doing this every day takes up quite a lot of operations. I think I saw a video about a custom app to insert multiple rows into a Google Sheet with one operation. Did anyone of you see it or knows how to approach a solution for this?


Hey @Richard_Johannes ,

You can use the Google Sheet API to do a bulk insert. No custom app needed:


Awesome! Thank you very much Drivn! Haven’t got time to look at it but I am quite sure it relieves a lot of stress for me xD

@Richard_Johannes For bulk update, append and clear, we have built a tool where we can save tons of operations.

Feel free to book a slot from Calendly if interested for a demo:


Any insight on how to access this tool? Is it available for everyone?

Hi @Auto-Mh8er
This is a custom app. Please check here for more details: