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There’s a government database which is updated on a daily basis. I’d like to find the best, and most reliable/stable, method of grabbing this database everyday and update a Google Sheet.
There are two options to access this database:

  1. Download CSV
  2. HTTP request

Is there a way that can avoid having to itirate new rows into Google Sheets? I know about this bulk option via the API, but that’s still a big of an overkill I think.


Hi @Test_Test ,

It all depends on how the government database is updated. If they just add new records you can store somewhere the ID (if sequential) or the created timestamp of the last record added to your Google sheet. Then for each new run, you look that value up and only add records that have been added after your last run.

This could work with updated records to if the database has a column for last update.

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Hi @Test_Test
Ideally for this you will need to use the bulk import API for google sheet. Make has JSON app that can easily create the JSON payload of all the rows you get from CSV, you dont have to use HTTP, rather Google sheet app has API action where you can just use the JSON.

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So I’m trying to make option 1 work.
I trying to use HTTP=>Get File:

I’m doing something wrong, as the output isn’t the actual CSV file:

Yes, I know, I’m doing something very wrong on a very basic level. As said before, be gentle :slight_smile:
My logic is based on the fact that this CSV is downloaded if you simply follow the link I pasted in the URL field above.


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How are you getting these options? are they already gone?

Which options? Please let me know