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Hi! I am very new to all of this and set up the Instagram Bot to automate comments. I noticed it has been going to my oldest posts and not my new ones. Also some of the responses I would like to adjust. How can I get it to work with my new content and not my old?

Hi @AoFragrances ,

I think that you could find something interesting here, it looks very similar.




Hello @AoFragrances :wave:

I noticed that you’ve opened a ticket with us, and our support team has investigated the matter and provided you with the following advice :arrow_down:

Make Support response:

If the module is taking the oldest posts, you can manually choose where to start by right-clicking on the top of the Instagram for Business module. You can either choose from a specific date, or you can manually select a post where you would like the scenario to start taking the new data.


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