Instagram connections down and switched off, by Make!

What is going on?!

Its all the same service unfortunately.

Whatsapp/faceboook/instagram/oculus have a habit of all going down, or having specific shared features go down at the same time.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Digging into it, it appears Make’s Facebook app has been deleted. Other users of the Facebook group are reporting seeing that also. That only happens after a number of warnings, and Facebook doesn’t often change their mind on that.

Every tagged post (for everyone) appears to have been deleted by Facebook. That sounds like Facebook has handed down a spam violation on I hope I’m wrong on that.

It’s like Pinterest all over again.

I hope this isn’t the end of Make. That would be so much unnecessary work moving to another app. :frowning:

The biggest concern here, is that if this can happen to make, it can happen to any integrator platform//I have seen it happen. (I shared the story in the other thread so wont double up here) If it is a spam violation it is just as risky anywhere else.

I personally since this about the 5th meta related thing in the last 18 months to happen in tangent to what I do, I’m pushing clients to diversify off the platform, its very dangerous right now to put too many eggs in the meta basket, I’ve watched too many companies go under.

In the meantime. i understand that its hard to operate without Facebook products.
It might be possible you can replace the Facebook Modules with HTTP API modules and use the meta api with a Facebook developer account.
This largely depends on whether or not Facebook has banned Make IP addresses.

At the very least, if you do that instead of having shared liability with the rest of make users/whatever platform, it would be based on your individual ratings on your business account.

On request i can probably provide basic instructions on how to get that setup via the HTTP module, for some Facebook business features.

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