Make Facebook App Down

Any ETA on when the Make/Integromat Facebook App will be back up and accessible? We are having lots of failed scenarios and errors as a result of this.

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Same thing here. All of my FB scenarios are not working
ETA would be very appriciated

Same thing happening here!

A lot of scenerios currently broken. Please can we have an update on what is going on with this one.


Hey everyone :wave:

The issue has now been fixed and things should be back to normal.

What happened is that Facebook temporarily revoked our application’s production access, impacting all connections to Facebook and Instagram.

We’re so very sorry for the trouble this has caused you. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding!

Just a side note here: Whenever you’re looking for updates, you can always do so at our status page:

and just so you know, this was not updated in your status page: until the issue has been almost resolved. Its so painful to contact customer support team and expect a quick response.

I am truly really sorry to hear about your experience and I realize this is upsetting and frustrating. Thank you for your patience and for bearing with us.