Unable to login and use Make - dead in the water

I made the mistake of upgrading from Integromat last week. I should have waited. Several missing features (operationsLeft, email from Integromat) that bit me. But the worst is that the service is completely unavailable for me today. After logging in (via Google) the page is completely blank. Nothing. I’ve tried a few tricks like incognito mode, different browser other than Chrome, clearing cookies and cache, to no avail. I’m completely dead in the water.

Did you submit a support request? Response times are slow atm, but it would be the only way to get an account issues sorted if it wasn’t a temporary issue.

Hello there :wave:

Very sorry for the inconvenience you’re facing and thank you very much for bringing our attention to it. We’ve reported this issue to our Development Team who are now working on fixing it. Thanks for your patience.

I did report the issue to Support, but I’ve heard nothing back whatsoever. It’s been a few days now for somethign which is absolutely Mission Critical.

Definitely I’d recommend staying away from Make for anything other than prototyping. Neither it, nor the company, are ready for Enterprise usage at all.

Despite this, I did find that if I refreshed the browser many times I would eventually get a responsive page. Very hard to use that way, since if I go to another page it would typically be blank again and I’d have to refresh constantly to get it functional. Still, better than being failing in my job for not being able to use the tech.

Coming back to this, the problem eventually was resolved after a week or so and has not reappeared. Make is generally fairly reliable now, but definitely not suitable for mission critical yet.

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