Instagram - Extract names of the users who "Put Like" to a post

Hi is there any way to do so?

That is 100% not available without a individual facebook developer account after the last few waves of restrictions facebook/meta put on data use post cambridge analytica and the senate hearings.

I can not specifically confirm if that functionality is there.

But if you can find it on the Graph API Explorer here ^^ you can use it on make :make: if you have the relevent permissions from facebook to use “XYZ” endpoint.

The majority of instagram endpoints these days are behind a developer approval wall where you need to have an instagram business account, and a facebook business page and go through metas app review process.

the instagram API is much more restricted than the facebook api though.

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Alternatively to bypass meta developer app review you can receive data in make from apify, and schedule apify processes from make.

there is a likes and comments scraper here. free to use that integration. and a Free Apify account should be able to scrape a hundred or so pages of results a month.

:warning: Meta is very aggressive with their banhammer if they suspect a break of their TOS. and it can lead to a poisoned account that looses rights to everything across all their platforms without an opportunity for appeal.
And low level meta customer support is intentionally outsourced to a 3rd party without the tools to even see why you got banned. so just be careful

Facebook BanHammer Story Contained Here

(I lost access to my facebook for business account(lifetime ban), because I missed an ID review audit that triggered while i was on medical leave last year, not eligible for appeal or extension) legit had facebook reps call me off the record off hours to apologize for how poorly it was handled) 10 years of work gone. 0 violations up to that point. (I learned later the audit was triggered by me traveling between states,(I live within 10km of 3 different states, so thats not difficult to do)

GraphApi + :make:make + instagram business module, probably good with the FB TOS.
Apify + scraping + :make:make very greyzone/probably not good with the FB TOS.

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Thank you very much for your help.