Instagram post photo error: User is performing too many actions (9, OAuthException)

"Encountered error in Integration Google Sheets scenario
Your scenario Integration Google Sheets has encountered an error.

The scenario has not been paused and continues to run according to your settings. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the issue.

Scenario: Integration Google Sheets
Organization: My Organization
Team: My Team
Execution: xxxxxx

User is performing too many actions (9, OAuthException)
If you have questions or need help, please contact us."

Obviously there seem to be some limit to how many times I can post to Instagram via a scenario. I’ve used it a bit more during the setup, but in general it will run perhaps 10 times per day at maximum, to one instagram account. But even now when I’ve set it up I’ve run it a maximum of 30 times perhaps in a 24 hour period. Perhaps this is too much.

If there are some instructions on how to bypass or increase this it would be good. Anyone else encountered the same issue?

This error is due to exceeding the rate limit of Instagram APIs.

You can use retry workarounds and the Sleep module to solve the issue.

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