Instagram reels get posted 2x times

Hi community,

i have a challenge with a scenario.
I do content via airtable and post it on insta. everything works with a image and if i use the function upload video for the feed.

But if i use the instagram with create a reel function and i want to post a video on the insta page with airtable and make integration, the video gets posted 2x times on the insta profil:

See the image:

Do anybody know where i have a mistake?
many thx in advance.
gr. sebas

Hey @Kunde_s , nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

I noticed you are using the “Search Records” module instead of the “Watch Records” module. This might be causing the duplicate issue because, with this module, there’s a possibility of returning the same records every time it runs - as long as it matches the filters in the Search module.

I would suggest considering the switch to the “Watch Records” module.

Also, can you share the filters you have in the routes?