Instagram: send custom messages

Hi, is there a way to send personalized messages through instagram using Make?


What do you mean by personalized message?

Thank you @JarvisKa for your interest in helping me.

Having a spreadsheet with the instagram users ID, send them messages for example “Hello Tom, how are you”, Hello John, everything is ok?
Is this possible o something near this?

It seems like the pre-built module from Make doesn’t have direct message support for IG. But it’ll just be an HTTP module to point to this API: Send API - Messenger Platform - Documentation - Facebook for Developers

Let me know if this helps.

Thank you @Jarviska. I looked a it, but for me is very tricky with the coding. May be in the near feature when I get more confident.

With Make, there’s really no coding. It’s more of understanding the data structure and clicking through.

Take a look at these resources to see if they help. Or let me know and we can setup a quick zoom to go through on of the sample call that you need.

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