Integromat Error


So I integrate MAKE with Integromat to send notifications from to Slack. But I found that some chats from didn’t send to Slack. I checked on MAKE, there are no errors or 0 incomplete solutions. So I wonder, what happens in my scenario? Is this because Integromat or Slack error, or what?

Please someone give me a solution? Thank you

Now, I knew that my “run scenario” button stuck on loading

Hi there.

It seems like your module is a webhook. Webhooks rely on the data being sent from a third party ( in this case). So, chances are that they’re not sending those data for some reason. Webhook is basically a URL that is capable only of receiving the data. So, I would suggest contacting the support and requesting some webhook logs to see if they are sending the data. If yes, then contact Make support for further investigation.


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