Integromat/make Android Calls and SMS to Hubspot Timeline

I am trying to register SMS and Calls on Hubspot, by using Integromat App Android. And I am failing.

I have created the hubspot dev app with the timeline scope. But I’m really not getting what modules do use in the scenario and in which order.

Any help you can give me will be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Integrato,

Great to see your question here in the community! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to clarify that this is a community of Make users helping out and sharing knowledge. This means we don’t have access to any of your scenarios, organizations etc.
It’s therefore always best to share some screenshots so that the community can see what’s going on in your scenarios visually.

Detailed information could be provided for example by an:

  1. overview of your scenario setup (functions, mappings, variables etc.)
  2. the input area of the module you are having trouble with
  3. the output area of the module you are getting data from

Thank you!

In case you think this is not needed, please disregard this message. I have send this message by automation since you don’t have any attachments.

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Hi @Integrato
Here’s how the workflow will look like:

You have to create two scenarios one for sms and another for call.

  1. Android: watches text messages
  2. You need to use the phone number to search the contact in hubspot
  3. Then you can create an engagement (an sms acitvity) for that contact.

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Hi, Ahmed, Thank you for your time.

I don’t want to push it. But could you guide me as to how to configure those modules? to find the specific record with the phone number and to create that engagement in it’s feed.

Thanks in advance.