HubSpot Custom App - Connection to Scenario

I’m stumped. And getting depressed.

Does anyone have experience connecting a HubSpot Timeline Events function to a scenario?

Background: I actually did this once. I made a custom app in my HubSpot developer account. I installed it on a client HubSpot account. I used Integromat to pass answers from a typeform into the timeline for contacts after they complete the form.

I don’t recall the exact process for initiating a connection for the app from inside the scenario, but I don’t remember it being difficult.

Now, I’m trying to do the same thing again, but I’m really struggling with the connection because of a URI mismatch when the OAuth modal opens and tries to authorize the scope.

I don’t understand how the ‘create connection’ module inside the scenario is building the URL to ensure the URI redirect will match. It looks like I have no control over it.

Anyone here done this a couple times and can help me out?

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 5.25.05 PM

Use the redirect URI as indicated in the app documentation: OAuth2 - Make Apps. This would be

You fill in this redirect_uri when registering your Make App in the Hubspot developer console: Developer tools | Creating and installing apps and then you get back a client_id and client_secret which can be used in the oAuth connection again.

Hope this helps you. Cheers!


Hi Bjorn,

I always have a permission error when I try to connect HubSpot to Make.
I followed the documentation and it’s still not working. Saw several tipps on Facebook but always the same auth-error.

Do you know if anywhere a video tutorial from the whole setup exists? I really don’t want to switch back to Zapier because of the HubSpot connection.

Thanks in advance!

I have connected HubSpot many times (many different Hubs) to Make. It works beautifully for me.

This scenario is different because it’s a custom app, and the OAuth process is too hard for me.

What have you done in these previous scenarios? My plan is to search for Companies/Contacts and create a new one if it’s not existing. Do I need a developer account for that? That’s how I understood the documentation.

No no. You can do that with the standard scenario modules.

Really? Damn! Always when I try to connect the module it’s not working :smile:

Thanks! Then I need to try it again!

Don’t know why it’s not working, but when I try to use the standard scenario it’s always saying: “[403] This oauth-token (***) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [users-read])”

@Alex_D Make sure the user you are using has all the required permissions. Try to see if you can do the same thing in the same way on Hubspot itself. If that still doesn’t work please make a new post, hijacking this post is not efficient :wink:

@SpencerK Did the information I gave you above help? Where are you still having issues with?
Did you check the required scopes you need for the API calls you want to make?




Thanks for the follow up. I might need an ELI5 of this mechanism. I’m truly not a developer…so I can get lost pretty easily in this.

Optionally, I’d be very happy to have a Zoom and/or offer payment to get this problem solved.

@Alex_D, I’d be more than happy to Zoom with you and show you how to do this. I’m pretty sure I can be successful helping you with this piece.

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That would be awesome! If you want we can chat on linkedin: