Struggling with OAuth2

Hi everyone

I’ve been using Make for some time but never really had to delve too deeply under the hood. Currently working on a new project that requires creating my own authentication via OAuth2 because the other site doesn’t have an inbuilt app within Make

This is my first time dealing with authentication in this manner and I’m hitting an annoying brick wall

The details

Go1 e-learning platform
I have created an app within it and generated a client_id and client_secret. Have set the callback_url to following after reading around;

My setup for the OAuth2 call is as follows

When I hit save, the Go1 login screen opens and I get asked if the scope requested for permissions is correct. So far, so good. The issue happens after this point. When I try to authenticate and come back to the callback_url, I get this odd error

Copying the address sent shows the following (I have removed the confidential text, but confirmed the client_id and partner_portal_id are correct. I also shortened the scope for ease of reading)

If I remove partner_portal_id, I again get the login screen but get the follow error after authenticating. Interestingly, the start of the address is different from the previous error as well ( vs


The issue is I need to include this parameter. As per Go1’s oauth2 spec

I’m really struggling to understand where and why this is falling over?

I would recommend you to the Go1 e-Learning Platform support team and show them this setup and the error. They are the best ones to diagnose and guide you on how to set up the correct call API.

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I have been talking with them. Their advice was to talk with Make support as the error is occuring at the callback url stage

@TQ Please show us your oAuth setup with URLs and the parameters you are sending.
If you also have API documentation this would help a lot.

Now we are not really having much information about what you’re doing.

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This is the url that Make sends for authorization after hitting Save<removed_for_security>&response_type=code&

I have noted that after authorizing access via that link, despite the error message that I receive, I have been able to copy the code from the url and then received a token manually in Postman

However for my scenario to work, I need to have the data flow back to Make directly. Thus the reason I think the issue is sending the data back to the callback url

API documentation for Go1 is available here

I have also been working off this document as well

Perhaps I’m just misunderstanding how Make handles HTTP requests. I have tried sending a simple request via curl and I know the generated access code works

However when I try the same request via Make, I get a 404 error