Trying to connect to Zendesk Guide


I’m trying to set up a connection from to Zendesk Guide. I’ve been following the documentation, but I keep getting an “Invalid Authorization Request - bad_request” error in the window that pops up.
The OAuth callback URL I’m using is “

Any ideas?

Did you use your real domain and Unique Identifier, it’s not the same as one described here. Your one will be different.

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Ok, well this time I got to the initial access application screen

and then when clicking on Allow, got the following message…

well never mind - it’s working now!

lol, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey @Bezalel_Finkelstien awesome to hear that all’s up and running now :clap:

Was there anything specific you did differently? Maybe a tip you could share with the community? :pray:

Just went through the steps again after about an hour, and things worked perfectly. No idea what I did right or wrong :slight_smile:


Perfect then! Thanks for getting back to us :slight_smile:

How did you guys connected? :smiley: The unique identifier and return URL is not available anymore on zendesk?

I’m afraid I can’t remember… probably nothing fancy, just using whatever was supposed to work and then suddenly it did

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