Integromat/Make API: "Not authorized"

Hi everyone!

I am trying to use the Developer API and it’s not working, instead giving me a “Not authorized” error. Here is my request, copying the docs exactly:

curl —location —request GET “” -H “Authorization: Token {my token}” -H “x-imt-apps-sdk-version: 1.3.9”

I keep getting this error:
{“message”:“Not authorized.”}

Does anybody have any experience with this? Thank you in advance!

@Ben_Cohen Welcome to the make community!

The integromat api (90% of it) aka v1 was not ever open to the public and was only used by the developers and enterprise partners.

V2 commands are not compatible with integromat. Scenarios and organization endpoints were never opened to the public.

apps is a mixed bag and not well documented, and was really intedended to list custom apps.
and to be used for custom app management/dev.

might have a bit more to contribute later to this.
lets see

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Hi @JugaadiTech , thank you for your reply!

So from what I’m understanding from your reply then, should it be assumed that basically nothing described on is intended for public use?

mostly with some small exceptions.

all of the functionality + the majority of the requested extra functionality (datastore/webhook/datastructure/scenario editing) is on
This with ?organizationID=xxxxxx

I believe some variant of that returns the list of your private apps.

I still might have more to share, but have to wait for sign off from my company.

For now. maybe this is useful for you?

integromat apps.json (4.4 MB)

I also believe this endpoint works as you would expect.
But i dont remember, ill check when i get back to my computer.
it should pair alright with the json above.
This one 100% works.

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I was not able to get whoami or the /app/{{app}}/{{version}} to work either. Are you sure those work? I got ‘Not authorized’ here too.

Would you be able to share the link for the API? Does it allow access to any of the same resources as the integromat API?

100% whoami still works as of 5 days ago. :make:

:warning: It can not call integromat resources that have not been upgraded to make though. the two systems are very incompatible.

One more thing
Check this

“x-imt-apps-sdk-version: 1.3.10” has been at this version since april

Oh this is wonderful thank you!
So just to confirm, all the resources it lists should be assumed to be fully functional right?

and the ones listed as not documented are also fully functional, if you need something specific that hasnt been added to the documentation yet, but is suggested to be there.

Contact support | in my experience they have been pretty quick to respond and happy to help.

Honestly the API is the biggest thing i am excited for(and motivating me to) get my organizations and hundreds of scenarios moved over to make. its a pretty big QOL upgrade.

Hey @JugaadiTech , thanks again for the comprehensive list of apps. Would you mind sharing details about how you compiled it?
I tried using the old Integromat app endpoint (, but didn’t quite succeed. At best, I get back an empty list.

Thank you :slight_smile: