Invalid docx file - Microsoft Word Template

Hello, I’m having the same problem that wasn’t fully addressed/solved in this previous posting.

I’m using Microsoft Word Templates to fill out 2 tags using {{ }} to update a document. I first uploaded then downloaded the file to Dropbox, so the file data is already in binary as the previous post suggested ^.

The error I’m getting is “Invalid docx file.” This is related to the filename field. When I try to leave the .docx off the field itself tells me it is not a correct filename.

I’ve already tried: Using a URL for the Name, using a previous module’s filename from Dropbox that includes the .docx in the filename data, using an error handler but then nothing will pass through after that for me to upload the updated template back to Dropbox.

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Are you certain it’s a docx file and not a doc file you have downloaded?

If you need further assistance, please provide the following:

  • public download link to the file
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Thank you @samliew! I tried it a few different ways again. I was pulling the document from Google Docs and downloading as a .docx. However! I was uploading it first to Airtable then pulling it from there. Airtable saves attachments as arrays even if there is only one, so I’m wondering if that was the problem.

I uploaded the document directly to Dropbox instead of trying to pull it from Airtable first and that worked successfully!!