Issues with word templates


I try to take a new microsoft word template document and updated it based on the slack users I have on this channel (OR teams users in a team). Then upload it to onedrive and give a slack message that this happened succesfully. Then convert the doc file to PDF and send it via email to be signed with Docusign.

I have several issues:

  1. I cannot get all the Users from a Teams team by name or email
  2. I cannot get all the Slack channel members by name or email (only user ID)
  3. I cannot use the Word template module, as everytime I try to use it, no matter which file I select, I get an Invalid docx file error.
  4. I do not see how I can export a doc file as PDF or convert it to PDF (I see some third party services that I do not have a pro account for). I should be able to do it with Microsoft 365 as I have a paid account for that.

This is what I tried until now.

I really love your platform and I wanna push our startup to use it more in Admin focused work, but these kind of issues/bugs really hurt.

I have a dev background and I find it hard to use it, with really bad error messaging and also complicated usage for API calls. This should be easier.

I LOVE that you have a free tier that allows us to test this out (its much better than zappiers free tier). As we as startups, cannot commit paying, before we see that this solves our issues.

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Hi Andrei,

I discover one moth ago, I share many of your pro/cons (I also have a dev background).
If you have some time, you should follow the Make Academy trainings (maybe you already have).

You should start step-by-step, and test each module. When you have a problem, post a question displaying input data, data mapping.

Your problem description is really clear, but the number of issues is too high.


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