Invalid number in parameter 'QL%3El'. What is that parameter and how to fix?

Creating a flow that watches closed opportunities in salesforce and then either creates or updates the items in a notion database.

  • Watches records in salesforce
  • searches against opportunity ID in the notion database
  • routing so if it exists it goes to update otherwise to create
  • adds or updates fields

It seems to work for create but breaks with the error “Invalid number in parameter ‘QL%3El’.” when updating. Any ideas as I can’t find much on this error online.

Hi @nandan

It looks like you are sending an invalid number to a field that only accepts number at your last notion module (5).

Make sure it’s a number or use parsenumber to properly format it before sending it to notion.

Send a screenshot of your mapping for more details.

No idea how I fixed it. I just disconnected some of the modules and redid them and it works now. Sorry to future questioners not able provide much in terms of how I fixed beyond that.